Mark Riley is one of the top headlining acts in the Boston comedy scene. His unique perspective on everyday situations combined with his sharp observational humor keeps audiences in stitches. His ability to improve is second to none and is fearless when it comes to hecklers or anyone who thinks they can be funnier than the comedian. Mark can perform anywhere and for any audience and deliver a great show.

Mark is able to connect with audiences in a unique way. Many people have said they felt like they were sitting in their living room hanging out with one of their friends when they see him perform. People love the way he can incorporate them into his show with ease and can adapt to any situation that may arise. Mark’s diverse background of experiences and employment allow him to relate to anyone, no matter what they do for a living or where they are from. He has three kids, all teenagers, so he relates to parents really well. One interesting fact is that Mark has been to 45 of the 50 states.

Mark developed many of his comedic and acting talents in various coliseums and “ice barns” throughout the country while he traveled as a professional ice hockey referee. Mark was an employee of the NHL for one whole week. Yeah, he was hired then fired one week later. It was at that moment Mark realized he belonged on stage rather than the ice. Mark still referees on occasion, but he now focuses his attention to coaching both boys and girls hockey where he gets plenty of material for his shows. He also ran a Gymboree Play and Music franchise for four years, along with cleaning houses, pallbearing at funerals, and a bunch of other jobs. Mark currently is a teacher. Yes a school teacher, but he’ll tell you about that in his act.

Mark has co-authored a movie script called Penalty Box, based on his life as a hockey referee. He is also in the process of publishing his first book, Not Every Kid Should Get A Trophy.

Mark also has plenty of acting experience, starring in multiple commercials and appearing in the movie The Gameplan. Don’t let his Boston accent fool you, he can adapt to play any roll.

Mark has also worked as an Auctioneer. He has done too many auctions to list. His quick wit and ability to keep an audience's attention has helped raise a lot of money for various charities and organizations.

Mark’s special skills include:

Played ice hockey since 2 years old; water-skied competitively; can play variety of sports at a high level, including but not limited to baseball, football, & basketball; can do multiple celebrity impersonations and foreign accents

Clubs and Colleges

Riveria Comedy Club Las Vegas, NV

Giggles Comedy Club Saugus, MA

Kowloon Comedy Saugus, MA

Comedy Cellar New York, NY

Comedy Store La Jolla, CA

Zany’s Chicago, IL

Comedy Zone Charleston, SC

Comedy Connection Providence, RI

The Laugh Spot Houston, TX

Nick’s Comedy Stop Boston, MA

Appeared With

Joe Rogan

Steven Wright

Bobby Collins

Denis Leary

Lenny Clarke

John Pinnette


Don Gavin

Jeff Dunham

Gary Gulman

Frank Santorelli

Tony V.

Steve Sweeney